Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How can Over 50’s Keep Working and Keep Earning?

Despite these being your golden years, figures show that a large number of over 50’s workers are swamping the market, snapping up jobs such as cleaning, property development and taxi driving, in an effort to ease the financial worries that carry on through their golden years.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the number of workers over state pension age is now twice the level recorded in 1993. Furthermore this research found that the number of older people still working rising faster than the population as a whole.

It’s a far cry from the previous generation. However the new trend for over 50’s is to restructure their job, either reducing their hours or starting up a new endeavour. Self-employment is particularly popular.

Put Your Wisdom and Lease on Life to Good Use

It makes sense for over 50’s to branch out on their own and become self-employed, or engage in some other independent venture. After all, if you want to be successful when striking out on your own, you have to have experience. No age group has the wisdom and experience as those in their golden years.

Furthermore, whilst extra costs play a part in the decision to keep working, some sources have suggested that improving health is also a fundamental factor. Many older workers are in far better health than in the past, a large number feel that pension age is simply too young to retire.

How Can You Make This Transition?

So you’ve got the experience and you want to keep working .It’s the best time of your life. How can you make sure that it’s not a drain on your finances?

Firstly, don’t dip into your pension. It will seem tempting; after all you’ve spent years earning all this money, why shouldn’t you use it? Because you need a safety net. You are going to retire eventually, don’t play around with your retirement funds.

Also, you need to do your research. Striking out on your own is no easy feat. You may have the experience but you don’t know everything. Make sure you do all the research, speak to all the experts. That way you are sure to make money, rather than lose it.

Also, make sure you have a good amount of cash to make the venture a success. Branching out on your own costs, you need money to make money. If you’re not in the position to provide the cash yourself, why not try a business loan?

How Can You Find a Business Loan?

These days there are so many loan providers out there ready and waiting to provide you with a business loan. It’s all about picking what’s best for you.

Make sure you can afford to pay all the money back comfortably. This means you should look for a loan with a healthy interest rate and a reasonable repayment plan. If you don’t know where to begin looking, why not get a little help.

AK Management is a company there to help you find the right loan for your circumstances. All you have to do is get in touch, speak with a member of the AK team. They’ll run you through a few questions on you, your circumstances and what you need. Then they’ll find the loan that’s best for you.

Your golden years may be years that these days you need to keep working, but they’re also the years you get the chance to brave it on your own. Take this chance to make sure they really are the best years of your life!

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