Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Save Money on your Takeaway with AK Management

AK Management is taking this opportunity to look at everyone’s favourite luxury; the takeaway. However much is it costing you and is it possible to save money on your takeaway?

In the cold of winter people have to put certain things first. It’s so cold that people naturally have less energy and feel less happy when the winds are blustering and the nights come early.

As such it’s more important than ever to get yourself the odd treat in winter. Mental health can be a serious issue when it’s chilly and you need something to look forward to.

There’s nothing better for cheering you up than a takeaway. They’re filled with all the stuff you want to eat and the fact that you don’t have to cook for a night means that you get the chance to actually relax when you eat, rather than being tired from cooking and stressing about the pile of washing up you’ve left in your wake.

It's Hitting Your Budget

However as we’re sure you know, you don’t get anything in life for free. When you get a takeaway you’re paying for quality ingredients as well as the time and energy it takes to cook, delivery and extra costs. It’s adds up.

Say for example that you’re a huge pizza fan, and you get one from the local takeaway maybe twice a week. Now say that it costs £10 per pizza, maybe you’re paying £5 for sides, drinks and any other extras. That’s £30 a week you’re spending on takeaways and £120 a month.

This really eats into your budget and takes money that you can use for other things away, leaving you cash strapped. However the truth is that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a nice takeaway and not have to cut corners in other areas.

Get Smart with your Takeaway

Start by doing your research.  Takeaways vary in price and if you want to get that extra treat for a cost that won’t leave you strapped, you’re going to need to look around. Don’t let laziness get the better of you; you’ll only end up paying.

Also takeaways want to find any way they can to make money. This is why they use cash saving vouchers to hook people in. Take advantage of them; play them at their own game. Use these vouchers to get your meal for less.

Another way to cut the cost of a takeaway is to pick it up yourself rather than wait for it to be delivered. Takeaways tack on charges as high as £5 just for delivery and by picking it up yourself not only are you saving this money, you are working off all those delicious calories you’re about to take in.

Expand the Takeaway Pool

Sometimes however the budget is too stretched to spring for takeaways. In the winter especially you shouldn’t let this stop you; you need to give yourself a treat to get through the cold months.

Get a small loan so that you can inject some extra cash into your budget. This will give you the wriggle room you need to get it balanced. Make sure you find a loan with a steady repayment plan and low interest rate and it’ll slot in nicely.

If you need a little help finding this loan come to AK Management, the loan finder dedicated to matching you to the perfect loan. Get in touch and one of our team would be happy to use your circumstances and how much you need to find the right loan for you.

A takeaway is the treat you need to make it through the winter. Don’t deprive yourself of this one luxury; just get smart about how you indulge!

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