Thursday, 27 March 2014

AK Management- How Much Can You Save on Fuel

It is official AK Management blog readers. Fuel is the lowest it has been in three years. So with this where are you saving money and what other tips and tricks can you use to save money on fuel?

Everybody always complains about the price of fuel, but the thing is, according to the Automobile Association, AA, fuel has fallen to its lowest price in three years. So what are the specifics of the situation?

Fuel Prices: What You Need to Know

It turns out the AA are right, fuel prices really are the lowest they are in three years and it’ the same way across the entire country. According to the Association, fuel prices currently average 129.46p per litre; they were 138.42p per litre a year ago.

However prices aren’t uniform and if you’re the sort of person who commutes across regions for their work, you’ll need to know where you should be filling up if you want to save money on fuel.

Yorkshire and the Humber is the clear winner in general. However if you drive diesel, then London and the Midlands are the cheapest, with a lire of diesel setting you back only 136.3p per lire. Scotland was the most expensive for diesel, costing 137.3p per litre.

These may seem like little savings, but the really add up. With current average fuel prices you are currently saving 8.96p. Per 20 litres you’re saving 179.2 p. Say you get 20 litres a week, this means you are saving £7.16. This is money that can be used to give a little extra room for your budget.

Other Petrol Saving Tips

However this isn’t the only way you can save money on the price of petrol. You can obviously start by not driving as much. This makes the fuel you do buy last longer and if you walk instead you’ll get a little fitter as well; win/win.

Alternatively, you can shop around. The thing is that the figure quoted by the AA is the average fuel price, but prices tend to vary from petrol station to petrol station. Do your research on the internet and find out where you can get the cheapest petrol so you don’t fall into this trap. A good site to use is

Another way to think about petrol is to think about the car you have. How efficiently does it use petrol? It isn’t a uniform thing, and it really can affect how much fuel you need to buy. Try trading yours in for a more fuel efficient model and watch the petrol bill fall.

You also need to think about how much weight is in your car. The more you have in there, the harder your car has to work to move, the more fuel you are using to do so. Don’t carry your whole life around with you.

A Helping Hand

Sometimes doing all of this still won’t help you in the short term, it takes time for these types of savings to kick in and you’re going to need something to tide you over until then. In this case, invest in a small loan.

With a small loan if you make sure you secure a solid repayment plan and great interest rates, you’ll be able to pay it back out of the savings you make on your petrol bill.  If you need help finding this loan, come to AK Management, the specialist loan finder. Get on the blower and one of the team will use your circumstances to find the best deal for you.

Fuel prices are at their lowest in three years. Make money here while you can and take full advantage of this to lower the burden of your petrol bill on the monthly budget. 

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