Monday, 23 December 2013

How to Beat the Energy Price Hikes This Winter

The cold’s creeping in this winter. With Christmas and the New Year to think about everybody is looking to cut costs where they can. The cost of energy is definitely one of those costs.
This year has seen many of the big energy suppliers announce yet another round of price hikes. This hits everybody and it means that a lot of people are opting to turn the heating off in a bid to store up some extra cash. 
In fact Watchdog Consumer Focus found in a survey that as many as six million homes in the UK were planning on reducing their heating over the coming winter over the issue of the price hike

How can we combat price hikes?

It’s understandable that you’d want to reduce your energy bill and free up a little money. However this doesn't mean you need to freeze all winter long.

Start by thinking about your supplier. If they’re like British Gas and Npower, two energy firms set to increase their tariffs, with the more expensive prices due to take effect from November, why not try switching to a cheaper provider.

There are smaller energy companies out there that offer energy prices that provide better value for money. They realise that you need to keep warm and pay the bills this winter. Don’t let the big providers corner your energy production.

Trim the budget

Staying warm this winter is a must, however cutting back on essentials like food isn't the way to make sure you can pay your energy bills. There are far better ways to free up some cash by trimming the budget.
Take a good look at your household finances and identify any areas where you can make savings. Think about travel expenses, leisure activities etc. Cover the shortfall needed to pay the energy bill by trimming the budget where you can get away with it.

Cover the shortfall

For a particularly stubborn energy bill, you might not be able to cover the shortfall from your budget. However this doesn't mean you can’t cover the shortfall.

Why not try taking out a loan. With a loan you can keep yourself warm this winter, cover the essential costs and keep to your budget.

As long as you keep your circumstances in mind, you’ll be fine. Find the loan that’s best for you, that offers great interest rates and reasonable repayment plans. If you need help finding the best loan for you then why not try seeking professional help.

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