Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tips to Cheaper Cooking This Christmas

When it comes to the Christmas menu you’re bound to spend some cash. There’s no way of getting around it. All the good food for the family costs. At the AK Management Blog we’ve talked about how to save money in the supermarkets this Christmas. There are some great deals in supermarkets and there are plenty of opportunities to save a few pounds. However we get that with the costs of the holiday season piling up you want to save a few pounds wherever you can. Have you ever considered the fact that you can actually save money by how you cook?

It’s a general thing but it applies even more at Christmas. There are certain methods that you can use to make food last longer and make it go further. At Christmas we all really like to eat our fill so you need to make sure that the food is going to go a long way. Furthermore you need to find a way of achieving this without spending more in the cooking process than you have on the actual food. That is why this holiday season the AK Management blog has provided you with a few top cooking tips geared towards lowering your food budget this Christmas!

Water It Down: If you’re buying pre-made sauces a little goes along way. Why not try adding water or milk to the recipe. It means that you can make it last for longer and pay less.

Spice It Up: Rather than buying a pre spiced dish that costs more, why not buy something cheaper. It may be a bit blander but you can simply spice it up for yourself. It may take a little more work but it’s a lot cheaper to add the seasoning yourself, trust us!

Pad It Out: Sometimes with some dishes it’s about adding extra ingredients to pad it out and make it go further. Flour is a classic example. Flour is cheap, it won’t affect the flavor of the dish and it has a tendency to add consistency to the food. Pad it out in such a way that it won’t lose taste and will go further.

Use Cheaper Ingredients: If you’re making a big dish for the Christmas meal you don’t have to use all expensive ingredients. You could use less expensive items for the ingredient that don’t matter as much in the eventual dish. This is a way of reducing the cost but keeping the flavor!

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